The College

A Few Words About Us

The Celestial Tai Chi College of Australia was founded in January 1990 by two Chinese Masters, both of whom have high credentials from their native Asia. They are Grand Master Eng Chor Khor, J.P. and Senior Master Chin Min Lian. However, the roots of the Celestial Tai Chi College can be traced to 1976 when Grand Master Eng Chor Khor began teaching Tai Chi in Australia.

"Whoever practices Tai Chi will gain the pliability of a child, the health of a lumberjack and the peace of mind of a sage..."

The Celestial Tai Chi College operates 16 Centres around Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, offering day and evening classes in Tai Chi, Qigong and various Wushu forms. It has one of the most comprehensive and systematic teaching syllabi for all students and a specialised training program for instructors and trainee instructors. The College also runs corporate classes during business hours and day classes in community centres. It has also been significantly active in conducting various courses and workshops in schools, colleges, business institutions, hospitals, Melbourne Remand Centre and The Royal Australian Air Force.

What We Are

Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a combination of movements performed at a slow and dreamlike pace, with deep concentration and diaphragmatic breathing to transport one into a state of tranquil relaxation.

Why Us?

Learn from the source with highly skilled and experienced Chinese Masters, experts in martial arts and Tai Chi, Grand Master Eng Chor Khor and Senior Master Chin Min Lian.

What's On

The College provides programs for diverse learners, often including corporate and public service, schools and community welfare organisations. Keep an eye on our events section to find out which upcoming events may suit you.


You will enjoy working with our friendly and easy to talk to instructors. Don’t be shy to ask questions and seek advice. All instructors remember their first days of gentle learning, challenge and improvement on a journey towards quiet achievement.

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Updated: 2 February 2022