Advanced Classes

The Celestial Tai Chi College offers advanced training. Students start with Beginners Classes to learn the Tai Chi Yang 108 form. Once students have learnt this, even though practice continues, they often wish to explore other areas of practice. Advanced routines are being taught at various Centres throughout the College and more information can be obtained from your Instructor.

Tai Chi: Chen Tai Chi, Beijing 24, 42, 48, Form 8/10

Qi Qong routines:  Shibashi 1, 2 & 3, Tao Yin, Chen, Wild Goose, Lohan, Wohan, Da Wu, Wu Qin Xi (Five animals), Tai Chi Stick, Ba Duan Jin (8 brocades)

Pushing Hands  

Sword routines: Yang  32 and 42, Chen, Shaolin, Broad

Fan routines: Classic Phoenix, Traditional 1, 2 & 3

Long Pole and Long Pole Sparring

Flute routine

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Updated: 7 October 2023