Beginner Classes

Have you ever tried to relax, re-energise or improve your mental clarity with exercise, but have found it too challenging? Well, Celestial Tai Chi Beginner Program offers precisely that, less the hard challenge: a well-structured gentle exercise system with achievable goals and easy to follow, within a safe environment, in friendly groups and with skilled and caring instructors. The Beginner Program includes the main basic Tai Chi and Qigong exercises and proper breathing and toning to improve energy flow and fitness.

  • Tai Chi: Yang Style Traditional Routine (6 levels, 108 movements)
  • Qigong: Shibashi 1 (18 movements), Lotus 1-2, Tao Yin (basic movements)
  • Breathing: Corrective breathing
  • Limbering up: Stretching & body toning exercises

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Updated: 2 February 2022