Cultural Tours

Cultural Tours are an exciting way to discover how Tai Chi and Qigong along with many other martial arts are practised across Asia.

Tours to China and other countries are organized nearly every year and provide a rich cultural experience and with Chinese wisdom traditions forever stay with the travellers.  One day you may be walking on the Great Wall or enjoying the breeze on the Yangtze River cruise and the next you will find yourself practising Tai Chi in a Beijing park or admiring a Shaolin Temple Kung Fu performance!

The College also arranges a tour every 2 years aligned to attend the 'International Martial Arts Games' (IMAG) that is held at different international locations every 2 years. 

In December 2019, IMAG will be held in Nepal. Grand Master Eng Chor will personally host a tour group to attend IMAG-2019.  Tour details will be announced later in the year.