Instructors Training

The College boasts one of the best-trained and skilled tai chi instructing teams in Australia. For more than two decades, the Masters have dedicated valuable time and effort to designing a teaching curriculum for training the team and teaching diverse wushu and qigong forms. Regular training sessions are held for all those involved in teaching tai chi, from Trainees and Assistant Instructors to Instructors and Senior Instructors.

Ongoing learning as part of continuing professional development is the basis of the College success in having a strong team of at least 50 instructing practitioners who are successfully passing on their tai chi skills and knowledge to hundreds of students. To become part of the team is an honour and therefore it entails a lengthy process of dedicated practice and gaining experience and knowledge of tai chi disciplines and philosophy, as well as possessing a fine teaching ability.

Our instructing team across the College centres is diverse in every way — gender, age, personal approach, cultural and other background, which is a great advantage, contributing to the wealth of knowledge, instructing methods and communication styles that suit our diverse learners.

From an initial handful of instructors in the early days, the College has grown in numbers to at least 50, which includes senior instructors, instructors, assistant instructors and trainee instructors today, all of whom run classes independently or assist the Masters in different centres in a professional and dedicated manner.

The instructing team has always been engaged in organising and conducting park lessons and workshops, retreats and demonstrations. Senior instructors support the Masters in managing and running of the College. Some members of the team are in charge of preparing and editing term newsletters, taking photos, making videos, assisting in parks and retreats while others work on updating the College website and the Facebook, ensuring that everybody is well informed.

Keeping pace with progress and modern technology, the Masters have designed posters, written books, produced instruction and music CDs and DVDs to assist our students with learning and remembering the movements. Notably, the College has engaged in online communication via its website and social media to spread the word of good health, longevity and general wellbeing.

If you are keen to become a Trainee Instructor please express your interest to your Class Instructor.

Attendance is by invitation only.

Schedule is on the Events program.
Information and forms for the teaching team is available in the Instructor Handbook.

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Updated: 12 March 2023