Master Classes

Specialist Tai Chi and Qigong Master Classes (aka Workshops) have been a permanent feature of the College Teaching Program. For many years, the Masters have run a number of workshops each year to pass on their expertise and experience in soft martial arts to keen learners. The major advantage of attending workshops is in polishing different styles of Tai Chi and Qigong, honing the basic principles of posture and movement and learning new exercise routines that regular class time does not allow.

In the workshops, our learners have the opportunity to practise a wide range of skills, starting with the College’s traditional Yang form, a variety of Qigong,Tao Yin, sword and fan weapons to Pa Kua, San Sou and Xing Yi styles. The unique aspects of the workshops have been the practice of flow patterns, structural alignment, the application of movements, push hands exercises, learning about specific health benefits and harmonising the internal energy (chi), all the areas in which our Masters specialise.

The workshops are equally popular amongst the instructors and students, well-attended and fun socialising activities, as there is always something new to learn or refine, enjoy or benefit from, including a laugh and a chat with other learners and instructors. Students and instructors from other Tai Chi schools are welcome to attend our workshops.

Grand Master Eng Chor’s high international standing led to an invitation to conduct a series of workshops overseas, in Israel, where a Physical Education University Professor gathered a group of keen staff and students to train in Qigong, Tai Chi and other Wushu skills while exploring their benefits. With great interest, the participants initiated a study of the Tai Chi discipline that would include a translation of the Master’s books and audio texts for learning and practising independently.

With the fame of the College spreading, our instructors have been invited to run workshops at special events, both in Melbourne and overseas, such as school fetes, conferences and professional gatherings in different organisations and communities to show the benefits of Tai Chi and train the participants in de-stressing and relaxing. Also, to teach them how to enhance their stamina, health and fitness by understanding their body and mind through gentle Tai Chi exercise.

If you want to improve your personal well-being or increase your fitness level, find out how Tai Chi as ‘walking meditation’ can benefit you or just have a friendly, enlightening chat, join our popular and supportive Tai Chi community in a workshop with the Masters!

The agenda for each work shop will be advertised on this website a few weeks before the date.
Contact your Instructor or the office 9840 2855 for more details.

Saturday 20 April 2024, 1.30-4.30 pm Senior Master Chin Min  (click for details)
Saturday 11th May 2024, 1:30pm to 3:30pm Grand Master Eng Chor  (click for details)
Saturday 10 August 2024, 2pm-5pm Grand Master Eng Chor

Ashburton Primary School Hall, Fakenham Road, Ashburton, Victoria

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This video demonstrates what you could be learning at our popular workshops. You will be learning new routines and revising some favourites, too!

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Updated: 27 March 2024