WTQA Festival

The WTQA Festival is a yearly event run by Wushu Tai Chi and Qigong Australia. This special festival brings together Tai Chi, Qigong and Wushu practitioners from all over Australia to demonstrate their skills and techniques.

WTQA is an association of students, practitioners, instructors, and schools who have banded together to help promote and develop the Chinese martial and healing arts across Australia. The Celestial Tai Chi College is becoming increasingly involved with this organisation where Grand Master Eng Chor Khor was recently appointed as the new President of WTQA.

Everyone is warmly invited to come on the day to enjoy various forms, styles, and routines being performed, everything from Wushu to diverse Tai Chi and Qigong routines. This wonderful event provides you with the opportunity to be exposed to other styles and to support the performers.

Everyone is encouraged to participate. Performing gets your adrenalin running high, but it can be very rewarding to demonstrate what you have learnt and the skills you've gained. You can demonstrate your Tai Chi or Qigong as an individual or as a team in front of a most receptive audience. Preparing for the event will give you an opportunity to further refine your movements and to have fun practicing with your team mates.

We will be providing support and mentoring to anyone who would like to perform. Please let your class instructor know whether you 1) wish to attend and/or 2) perform.

We look forward to seeing you there.

When: Postponed to 2020
Where: Sports Stadium, Monash University Clayton Campus
$10.00 TBC for adult
$30.00 TBC for a family of 4 with children
Free for children under 12 years old and must be accompanied by adult.
Performances will need to register as per competitors.

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Updated: 15 July 2019