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2024 April Qigong Master Class

With Senior Master Chin Min Lian Our health is the greatest asset we have and keeping our bodies healthy is the greatest obligation we owe to ourselves. The Chinese have developed and perfected a vast knowledge of health preservation exercises. Join Snr Master Chin Min Lian of Celestial Tai Chi College as he shares these…
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The Beginners Class

I’m an Instructor at the Camberwell centre and am privileged to teach the beginners class of Tai Chi students at our centre. Recently we had an interview session with a few of these students where we asked how Tai Chi was good for them and their comments about coming to the Camberwell class. The following…
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Why I started doing Tai Chi and why I am still doing it

Hi everyone, my name is Helen. I am a retired high school teacher. I am sure you know that this job is very demanding and stressful, it takes a lot of energy out of you. By the end of my working day I always felt extremely exhausted and realised that I had to help myself.…
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2024 Philosophy Master Class

Once again Grand Master Eng Chor Khor provided an interesting afternoon sharing his knowledge and wisdom at the annual free Philosophy lesson in Ashburton on Saturday 11 May 2024. My husband Noel (who is a Senior Instructor) and I have for 30 years enjoyed GM Eng Chor’s workshops as there is usually something new to…
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Experience of a beginner

I started learning Tai Chi when I was 75 years old because of my back problems as the gentle exercises were a big incentive to try. I never expected that Tai Chi would not only reduce my back pain but also help improve my posture and allowed me to do physical work again. Added benefits…
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My Tai Chi Reflections

Our usual Wednesday day class in the Lutheran Church Hall in Doncaster East was disrupted by workmen laying new flooring, but fortunately it was a lovely sunny morning and our group took to the garden instead. Instructor Christina reconnoitred the layout, established the angle of the sun, and marshalled her troops (i.e. our enthusiastic class)…
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2023 October Qigong Master Class

With Grand Master Eng Chor Khor Our Grand Master Eng Chor Khor will be running a special Qigong Master Class to cover the theory, the history and the health benefits of Qigong. The class will include practicing some popular Qigong routines, such as the Five Animals (Wu Qin Xi) Qigong, the 8-Brocade (Ba Duan Jin) Qigong,…
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My journey with Tai Chi

My journey with Tai Chi started with my late father. My father practised Tai Chi seriously over many years and boasted to have learned from Masters with direct line to the Kung Fu houses in Mainland China. As a youngster, I used to watch him practise his Tai Chi forms and loved listening to his…
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