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Beginner Classes

Have you ever tried to relax, re-energise or improve your mental clarity with exercise, but have found it too challenging? Well, Celestial Tai Chi Beginner Program offers precisely that, less the hard challenge: a well-structured gentle exercise system with achievable goals and easy to follow, within a safe environment, in friendly groups and with skilled…
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Health Associations

The college has been involved in sharing the health benefits of doing Tai Chi and Qigong alongside health organisations. Scientific research shows how beneficial these exercises are for the body and the mind, namely for improving balance, reducing stress or increasing strength and much more. For this reason, many health groups have embraced Tai Chi…
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Community Associations

The college is involved in demonstrating or participating in a number of community events and retirement villages across Melbourne. Our college accredited instructors run community classes to promote health and wellness. The main goal is to assist different communities develop a healthy living regime by including gentle Tai Chi and Qigong exercises. Staying on track…
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Have you ever attended a Tai Chi competition? If yes, you must have enjoyed the excitement, fun, sports spirit and a beautiful display of silk costumes in artistic, subtle movements of Tai Chi practitioners. Our instructors and students have taken part in a number of competitions held in Melbourne, many winning medals, from bronze to…
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Early Morning Tai Chi, or ‘Pyjama Qigong’

Over the years, I’ve heard Grandmaster Eng Chor say many times to practice tai chi first thing in the morning. I’ve tended to view this as an unattainable goal. In fact not even a goal, more with an air of wistful romanticism… “Wouldn’t that be lovely, but it’s not for me.” There were many excuses:…
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