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Never too Late to ‘Un-Learn’

To appreciate Tai Chi Chuan, we should consider that it is not an activity where you are learning new stuff. It is what you are, but have forgotten, it is an awakening of innate qualities of what it is to be human. We can refer to the teachings of F. Matthias Alexander - the creator…
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TaiChi Circular Movements

'Stop being a square !'...Who me? Yes it is easy to slip into square habits. You have no doubt been told on numerous occasions that one major principle of the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan is circular movements. This exhibits on many levels, most of which are clearly apparent. Why is this principle so important?…
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Ancient Philosophies – a part of Tai Chi

The Yin Yang symbol, or Taijitu, consists of black representing yin and white representing yang. It is a symbol that reflects the inescapably intertwined duality of all things in nature, a common theme in Taoism. No quality is independent of its opposite, nor so pure that it does not contain its opposite in a diminished…
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