Our Personal Stories

Mario’s Morning Tai Chi in Box Hill

If you ever happen to walk through Box Hill shopping precinct on a Tuesday at 8am, you will come across a group of happy and energetic tai chi practitioners of all ages, but mainly young elderly and middle-aged people who never miss their free tai chi class. There are others too, those busy workers who…
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Benefits of Tai Chi

It is now 17 years since I went to Beverley Hills to “try” Tai Chi with Tony and Mario. Apparently the trial was successful, because I am still going to classes, instructing students, helping Belinda run the Beverley Hills Centre, helping Mario at Box Hill and Doncaster, and most importantly, still learning from our Masters…
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Tai Chi and Ballroom Dancing

Since 2001, my Monday mornings have been spent at the Box Hill Centre with Senior Instructor Beng Yan, learning Yang Style Tai Chi Levels 1 to 6, Fan, Sword, Flute, Beijing 24 and 42 and any other delight she has to offer. My fitness, balance and wellbeing have been the beneficiaries and, at 60, I…
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