The College has a good collection of books, CD’s, DVD’s and posters to help you explore and enjoy your Tai Chi journey. There are also Tai Chi weapons and Celestial Tai Chi College branded clothing available, ask your instructors to order some in for you.


Item Price
Polo shirts Available in 2020
Vest/Jacket Available in 2020
Book - Tai Chi For Beginners $9.50
Book - Art Of Moving Meditation $6.50
CD Music 6 Relaxation $5.00
CD Music 8 Relaxation $5.00
CD Tai Chi Relaxation Music $5.00
CD Traditional Yang Style - Instruction $20.00
DVD - 18 Movement – Chi Kung $29.50
DVD – Tai Chi for Beginners $29.50
DVD – Tai Chi Traditional (Yang Style) $29.50
Fan On request
Flute On request
Posters $4.00
Sword - Broad On request
Sword - Classical On request
Updated: 3 November 2019