2018 Q&A Philosophy Session

That was NOT what I call a philosophy session. That was fun!
I reckon it was really a conspiracy to unveil secrets of Tai Chi mysteries!
Enlightenment – Here we come!!!

Grand Master Eng Chor was in fine form (when is he not?), deflecting our questions. A few Confucius moments and we had our life force breathed back into us. We parried with unfamiliar terms; Grand Master Eng Chor held the ball and patiently brushed away cobwebs clouding our minds.
Wushu was exposed! The true, all-encompassing Daddy of Martial Arts - a term adopted by a language ill-equipped to accurately define the beautiful symbolic Chinese characters.

Our gentle, relaxing, life-giving “soft” Tai Chi is brother (or sister) to the “harder” forms of ‘skilled machinations’ referred to as Martial Arts. Tai Chi is Yin and Yang. It is Balance. It is cohesiveness. It is flow. And it is The Universe. What did our Grand Master tell us: there are 35 ways to react to trouble? Number one is not to be there! My interpretation (that I took away) was to bend to the power until it reaches its limit and then use its power to overcome - never fight it.

We were hooked on the Grand Master’s words as his body language flowed lightly and unobtrusively before us. We were so enthralled that time was escaping and we had to rush a lovely refreshment break with apricot cake and brownies, tea, ginger tea and coffee provided by Zenaida. Thank you!

Then back into two mesmerising performances by the Grand Master, who admitted that the Wild Goose was his favourite daily morning ritual, followed by a traditional form of Wu Style Tai Chi. Some recognisable moves and a wholly different perspective.
Whoever said philosophy was not entertaining has never been to Grand Master Eng Chor’s “philosophy sessions”!

Amanda Cubit, Trainee Instructor