COVID-19 Safety Plan

The Celestial Tai Chi College is committed in complying with the most updated Coronavirus COVID-19 advice from the Victoria State Government Department of Human and Health Services.

This page will be updated whenever the advice changes from the Department of Human Health Services. Please check this website for the latest details before attending our activities.

We request your support in following our guidelines to make our indoor classes and park sessions safe for you, other students and our teaching staff.

  • All attendees to our indoor classes and park sessions must be fully COVID-19 vaccinated. You must provide proof of your COVID-19 vaccination status.
  • Your attendance and contact details will be recorded in each class to assist with contact tracing. You must sign in using QR code. If you do not own a smartphone, please ask the instructor to assist you to sign in. This is a requirement of the Victorian State Government to record attendance at premises conducting exercise classes.
  • Do not come to our classes, if you feel unwell; recently had a COVID-19 test, tested positive or are waiting for results; if you are required to self-isolate; or are a close contact of a positive case.
  • Wear a mask. A mask is not required if you have trouble breathing with the mask on or you have a medical reason for not wearing a mask.
  • If you come early, wait outside of our building until your class is ready to start. Once classes finish, promptly leave the building. You can mingle outdoors to chat by following physical distancing requirements.
  • While exercising, adhere to one person per 4 square metre area rule to ensure adequate distance from other participants.
  • Your centre will ensure that all commonly touched surfaces (eg. door knobs, etc) are sanitised. However, to help reduce any contact with any of the indoor furnishings, please, avoid touching any surfaces, using any seating, etc.
  • Your centre will provide hand sanitisers and disinfectant wipes.
  • We request new and existing students to fill out our new registration/enrolment form to confirm you understand your obligations to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 at our classes and to ensure that we have your latest contact details. This form can be filled out at home and emailed or passed to the instructor in class.
  • To encourage contactless payments, your centre may offer the option for payments to be deposited into a bank account. Otherwise, bring the correct amount of money or cheque to pay in class. The class fees have rounded up to $80 per term (7 weeks), $70 concession.
  • All centres will have a restricted number of participants allowed inside the centre and this will be controlled by the instructors.
  • Bring your own water bottle and Tai Chi equipment. Avoid bringing in any unnecessary items and avoid sharing any Tai Chi equipment.
  • Some centres may have multiple entrances. These centres may designate one entrance for entry and another for exit.
  • Some centres may be able to run outdoor classes weather permitting.
  • Follow any other requirements specific to your centre.

For more details, see our COVID-19 Safety Plan document.

This page will be updated whenever the advice changes from the Department of Human Health Services. Please check this website for the latest details before attending.

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Updated: 14 January 2022