The Key is not How but Why?

The first step in achieving anything in life is not figuring out how to do it, but why? If you build a big enough “why”, you will be compelled to succeed. So, the first question one need to ask is, “Why do Tai Chi? Knowing how to do Tai Chi gives you excitement which is temporal because once you are familiar with the movement, the excitement decreases and gradually fades away but knowing why you do Tai Chi gives you the passion, the focus and the perseverance to be able to master this intrinsic art. So why do Tai Chi?

The answer for most people is embraced in the fact that it creates a healthy mind and a healthy body. Tai Chi is very gentle. This is its strength as an exercise system. It avoids the dangers of strain and injury that can accompany other exercises and it moves the body in a natural way.

Tai Chi is said to “borrow” the strength of the earth and the qi of the heavens. One strives to be “still like a mountain” and “flows like a river” It teaches you to feel the effects of gravity on movement; a prerequisite of which is total relaxation.

Tai Chi promotes natural body alignment, internal organ massage, opening up of joints, improved circulation, encourages a more efficient digestive system, stimulates the kidneys, induces profuse sweating, decreases heart rate and deepens breathing. These benefits of Tai Chi are of value in preventing and alleviating many diseases.

The mind, like anything in your body, will slowly deteriorate if it is not used properly. There is much truth to the saying: “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it”. The key factor to any system is the mind, and the way that system trains the mind. Tai Chi, unlike many other martial arts, trains the mind from the very first lesson.

Slow, Low & Flow

As one seeks to learn Tai Chi, it is important to understand some basic principles. I like to share this principle of SLOW, LOW & FLOW.

Tai Chi is to be done SLOW. Why?
• It helps to achieve corrective breathing that is slow, deep and even.
• It helps to focus and enable one to execute every movement with precision.
• It helps to move the body and the mind in unison thus working the mind and body together in harmony.

Tai Chi is to be done LOW. Why?
• It establishes rootedness i.e. putting one’s “roots” firmly down giving one a firm and stable posture.
• It lowers the centre of gravity of one’s body thus improving balance.
• It provides a greater level of stretching and tone up body muscles especially in the legs.

Tai Chi is to be done with FLOW. Why?
• It enables you to flow with nature, the essence of Yin-Yang.
• It enhances the flow of qi (life giving energy) in your body, rejuvenating oneself.
• It enables one to move with fluidity and beauty, a sight to marvel at.

Celestial - A cut above others

At the Celestial Tai Chi College, we pride in giving quality lessons to our students. We do not just teach Tai Chi and Qigong, we educate people in them so they know why and what they are doing – a life well lived in good health.

Thank You & Merry Christmas

As we close for the year, Grand Master Eng Chor Khor and I wish to thank all our teaching staff for their support and their dedication in nurturing our students in their respective classes. We also want to thank all our students for being part of Celestial this year. It was great to have you and it certainly a delight to share our skill and knowledge with you. We look forward to welcoming you back in 2024 when we resume classes on the week commencing 29 January 2024.

Christmas is a season of giving and I trust all of us will take time to reach out to one another so that we become a channel of blessing to others.
With this, I wish all of you a BLESSED AND A MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Senior Master Chin Min Lian

Updated: 22 November 2023