Getting back together again!

I am more than sure that everyone is glad to be back, practising Tai Chi at our various centres. Even those who have been able to link up for ZOOM sessions.

Well, the Doncaster Wednesday group is no exception. Just a small group on Nov 3, but a good size group on Nov 10. As expected, a little revision was necessary, but muscle memory was quickly restored so that we were able to enjoy being active again.

A few of us needed a good warm up routine to loosen up stiff backs and joints, and Christina, as always, took us through a gentle, slightly challenging routine for this purpose. And then, after doing The Lotus a couple of times, we were straight back into our Yang 108 form.

Personally, I used the COVID enforced restrictions to revise one or two Qi Gong routines as well as to learn a new one. Qi Gong is not only good for relaxing and strengthening the body, but also for the mind.

Hopefully, we can catch up with many of our Tai Chi colleagues at Park Lessons soon.

Bruce Ellis, Instructor
Doncaster Morning Centre

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Updated: 23 November 2021