My journey with Tai Chi

My journey with Tai Chi started with my late father.

My father practised Tai Chi seriously over many years and boasted to have learned from Masters with direct line to the Kung Fu houses in Mainland China. As a youngster, I used to watch him practise his Tai Chi forms and loved listening to his Cantonese citation of the beautiful descriptive names as he moved through each move.

My father encouraged me to study Tai Chi when I was a teen; however I was quite half hearted about it, just doing the minimum to please him. As an adult, I began to understand the reason my father practised Tai Chi forms. I have started to discover the many benefits of this form of gentle exercises, the combination of slow fluid movements, the deep breathing exercises provide much relaxing and calming effects. Any age or physical ability can do Tai Chi; one can be as good or serious as one would like to be.

It suits me well; in hindsight it suited my father as well, as we are similar in temperament.

After finding a suitable class at the Celestial College, I have been a regular learner. I have been practising for a few years now; we have been introduced to Tai Chi Yang 108, Tai Chi Fan, Tai Chi Sword and Qigong. I am sure that there are plenty more Tai Chi forms to discover.

My general health has improved markedly since I have been started Tai Chi with the Celestial College. I have to admit I am now less susceptible to colds, the flu and other viruses and so I was able to enjoy my recent overseas trip without falling ill!

Much praise must be given to our dedicated instructors for sharing their skills, their time and efforts with our classes all these years.

Nicole Tang, Student
Ashburton Centre

Updated: 18 February 2024