Starting Tai Chi and Qigong

It is easy to try Tai Chi and Qigong with us. Your first class is free with no obligation to join.

Simply choose a location that suits you best around Melbourne, Victoria: Class Locations.
Come a little bit earlier, so that the instructors can meet you before the class begins.

IMPORTANT NOTICE We care about the health and wellbeing of our students and teaching staff. Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 health concerns in the community, we are arranging appropriate events and activities that keeps us all safe. To keep up to date, check this page and our coronavirus update page.
Venues, dates and times may change, so check this website for the latest details before attending.

Getting Started

You may wish to try your first Beginners Tai Chi and Qigong class for free before committing. No need to book. Wear loose comfortable clothing. Come about 15 minutes early to allow for signup. You will see instructors and senior students in Celestial Tai Chi College uniforms. Introduce yourself as a new attendee. Instructors will organise your student record and set you up for that class.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We request new and existing students to fill out our new registration/enrolment form to confirm you understand your obligations to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 at our classes and to ensure that we have your latest contact details. This form can be filled out at home and emailed or passed to the instructor in class.
See more about our COVID-19 Safety Plan.

What to Expect

Classes start with a gentle warm up with all the students together doing Qigong and limbering exercises. Then the group breaks up into levels. You will be in a Level 1 group with an instructor and other Level 1 students. If you have trained Tai Chi before, you may spend only one class in Level 1 and move on. But if you like to savour the myriad aspects to Tai Chi practice, you may remain in Level 1 for some time.

You will find the instructors friendly and approachable - don't be shy to ask questions and seek advice. All instructors remember their first day and how it is to be a beginner. Mostly, they remember how it is to recognise one's first improvements and to start a journey of quiet achievement. They will enjoy your desire to improve and take pleasure in assisting you.
You will also find informal mentor relationships develop within the class group. Particularly with advanced students who are also assistants and trainee instructors. This is typical in Chinese martial arts and helps to support students as they explore a new world. Such relationships spill over to the other activities of the College, such as park lessons, annual banquets and cultural tours.
Importantly, you will meet friendly fellow students who are there for the same reasons as you. The universal fellowship in this pursuit is something to behold. We wish to heartily encourage you and welcome you to the Celestial Tai Chi College of Australia.
Grand Master Eng Chor Khor and Senior Master Chin Min Lian


There are 6 terms per year, lasting 7 weeks. Typically you will train one class per week (with extra classes available beyond beginner levels).

Per term: $85  Concession: $75
Casual attendance per class: $17 Concession: $13

Concession is available to pensioners, Heathcare cardholders and children under 16 yrs. Payment is by bank transfer, cash or cheque only.

Contact us or attend your local centre for more information.

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Updated: 18 January 2023