Online classes

While we are not able to run our regular classes, we will be running FREE online live-stream classes that are open to everyone to join in.

Our online classes will use online conferencing tools that are free for you to install and use and are available for most devices.

When: Tuesdays 7pm


  • Weekly classes will continue until Tuesday 22 December 2020.
  • To avoid disappointment in missing a class, please register your interest before 4pm on the day of the class:
  • If this timeslot does not suit you, but you want to access the recordings of the online classes, then please contact:

Dates and times may change, so check this website for the latest details before attending.

What to expect

  • Sessions will run from 30 to 60minutes. You can leave the session whenever you wish.
  • Sessions may be run in a similar format as in our centres, but may be slightly modified to accommodate new students and students from other centres.
  • There may be multiple sessions running back-to-back to cover various Tai Chi routines.
  • Music is usually played in our centres, but due to the fact that some participants have poor internet speed, music is not played to reduce bandwidth requirements.
  • Sessions are filmed at instructors' homes during the coronavirus stay-at-home restrictions, so video quality will be limited to whatever resources the instructor may have at home.


  • Use a PC with a monitor or a laptop, so that it's easier to see the instructor. It may not be easy to see the instructor on a smart phone.
  • The instructor will advise you via email of what video conferencing software (Skype or Zoom) will be used. Install that software before the session.
  • Practice in a room where you have plenty of space to do the movements.
  • Join the session 10 minutes beforehand to make sure everything is working okay. It is highly unlikely that the instructor will be able to assist with your connection issues during the class unless an assistant is available.
  • Have a bottle of water nearby.

Getting the most from the session

  • Please mute your microphone while the class is in session. Only un-mute your microphone when you want to speak.
  • Make the instructor the primary screen on your monitor and hide/minimize the screens of the other participants.

Zoom sessions

  • Zoom is free to install and is available on most devices. You can click on the meeting invitation to download the Zoom software. You don't need an account.
  • Keep session invitation details handy so that you can click on the link to join the session and enter the password.
  • Double click on the image of the instructor so that it takes up the full screen, and minimize the screen gallery of the other participants.
  • If the instructor is using a free Zoom account, then there may be multiple sessions scheduled since a free Zoom meeting runs for 40 minutes.
  • For more information: Zoom meetings

Skype sessions

  • Skype is free to install and is available on most devices. You can download the software from Skype download page. You will need to create a free account and provide your Skype ID and name to the instructor so that they can add you to the Chat group for the class. Accept the invitation.
  • For more information: Skype meetings
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Updated: 27 November 2020