Yvonne started Tai Chi in 1993 at Mount Waverley – her aim being to find a little balance in life.   In early 1994, she moved to the new Saturday morning Glen Iris (forerunner of the current Ashburton) class that had just started up in Toorak Road. There she met Noel, who was also a founding member of this new Saturday morning class, and who was looking for a mix of some gentler exercise (after having done all the standard energetic physical sports when younger and was now starting to feel the effect of some injuries) as well his desire to further explore some Eastern philosophies.

In early 1996, Tai Chi brought Yvonne and Noel together and were married a year later. They have been teaching at the Saturday morning class for 25 years –with one break in 1997 due to a move to Brisbane with Noel’s work. They continue to enjoy learning and teaching the many Qigong, Tai Chi and Weapons routines that this class has seen over the last 26 years.  They also enjoy the social aspects of the group which, collectively, have given a healthy and rewarding way of life.

Noel and Yvonne now live in Mt Martha.  Over the last 15 years, Yvonne has been active in running a number of classes in Health centres, Community centres and also Aged Care centres. Working with some less mobile and impaired people has involved adapting some Qigong routines to allow participants to experience the joy of gentle exercise, rhythmic movement and improved breathing associated with some of the many Qigong and Tai Chi routines taught over the last 30 years. They both continue to enjoy and share the passion and commitment for Tai Chi and Qigong - as equally demonstrated by the two College Masters, Grand Master Eng Chor and Senior Master Chin Min, and enjoy regular ongoing training to maintain standards and see others grow in the wonderful relaxing and enriching world of Tai Chi.