Suzette Hosken began her Tai Chi journey in 1995 at the Box Hill Centre with Grandmaster Eng Chor. Prompted by chronic pain to look for a gentle, strengthening and calming exercise, Suzette quickly learned to love Tai Chi and Qigong and appreciate the many benefits. She has continued to learn and then teach many advanced forms of Tai Chi including weapons, and has a particular love of the Qigong forms, a favourite being Shibashi Set 2.

Suzette enjoys teaching people who have physical challenges. She provides individual attention to ensure the Tai Chi lessons are modified and tailored to each student’s needs. Suzette ensures the moves are true to the original intent, while being achievable and comfortable for the student.

Since 2013, Suzette has competed in the Wushu, Tai Chi and Qigong Association competition in individual and team events. She was awarded the Female Wushu Taijiquan Champion in 2013 and has won many gold medals. She enjoyed training as a Tai Chi and Qigong judge in 2016 where she judged at the Wushu and Tai Chi competition as part of the Arnold Classic. Suzette enjoys performing at Celestial’s annual banquets and local festivals, with a highlight being the Moomba Parade in 2009.

With photography as a hobby, Suzette enjoys sharing photos and creating videos for Celestial. She has made over 15 videos promoting the joys of Tai Chi.

Suzette runs the Eltham Centre along with a large team of treasured helpers and instructors.