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Park Lesson at Riverside Park, Essendon

After 30 years, the Saturday park lesson is on the move. Senior Master Chin Min Lian will be running his park lessons in a different location each term. For Term 3, he was warmly welcomed by our instructors and students at his Saturday park lesson at Riverside Park in Essendon. The instructors and students from…
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Reflections on Celestial Tai Chi College Park Lessons

I always look forward to the Celestial Tai Chi College park lessons where I’m met by other enthusiastic learners from centres all over Melbourne. We come together to practise out in the open air, enveloped by trees and sky, in connection with the natural world within our urban parks. It was at my first park…
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A novice student’s perspective – 2 years on

I was always fascinated by the idea of practising Tai Chi. Calm, graceful and meditative qualities come to mind, and the dynamic of a Tai Chi group in unison always impressed me. Back at Christmas 2018, feeling overwhelmed with a busy family, home and work life to manage, I was looking for some calm…just for…
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Take Tai Chi with you wherever you go!

We all know the benefits of Tai Chi, and that practice makes (almost) perfect. So, it’s great that we can take Tai Chi with us when we go on holidays or business trips. I have practised Tai Chi in many different places, and I find it really keeps me centred. There’s nothing like getting into…
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What a joy it is to return to class and reconnect with our tai chi buddies. We’ve spent a large part of 2020 with very little human connection, and where there was connection, it was over Zoom or Skype. We practised our tai chi on our own, or not at all. Those moments where groups…
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Tai Chi is recognised as an Intangible Cultural Heritage

Tai Chi (Tai Chi Chuan/Taijiquan) has now been listed by the UNESCO as a significant cultural heritage of China. The following is the official listing on their website UNESCO. Updated: 28 February 2021 Want to know more? Our Coronavirus update How to start Tai Chi with us? Where and when do we run our classes?
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How Tai Chi helped me Survive the Coronavirus

I have been learning Tai Chi for more than 20 years and I must confess that before The Virus took control of our liberty and imaginations, my Tai Chi skill level was at best mediocre. Not long into our first lockdown, when Tai Chi classes were no longer possible, my neighbour and Tai Chi teacher,…
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Farewell 2020 and Welcome 2021

The year 2020 has certainly been a tough year for all and COVID-19 has brought much devastation to our world and our lifestyle. Our hearts go out to all who have suffered the loss of loved ones and have seen their livelihood decimated. Yet, in spite of this, we were all determined to soldier on…
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