2018 12 Step Daoyin Health Qigong Workshop

The 12 step Daoyin Qigong is a series of breathing exercises formulated by the Chinese Health Qigong Association. The exercises combine limb exercise and mental cultivation and graceful movements that are easy to learn and suitable for all ages. Its aim is to maintain good health and prolong life.

“Movement and breath should follow each other which means reconciling and harmonising delicate, consistent, deep and long abdominal breathing with slow gentle movements. This requirement of breathing regulation is to circulate the qi to the navel every time, inhaling and exhaling like an immortal turtle”. 12 Step Daoyin Health Preservation Exercises. Dao Yin Yang Shen Gong Shi Er Far, Foreign Languages Press.

The venue, Ashburton Primary School was warm and welcoming just like the weather and over 50 of us came together for the workshop. Senior Master Chin Min warmly and expertly introduced us to the benefits of the 12 step Daoyin qigong saying “running water never gets stale and a moving door hinge will never rust.” In other words movement keeps us from premature aging.

Senior Master Chin Min performed a graceful demonstration of each of the Steps and then broke it up into the vital moves. We were then invited to follow him, first isolating the arm movements before combining them with the leg movements. Thus we progressed through the 12 steps. Next we broke off into to smaller groups working together to try and remember the moves. Senior Master Chin Min moving between the groups to remind and refine our moves.

The Steps all had interesting and evocative names. Step 7, for example, ‘lotus flowers appear above the water’, tested not only balance but lower body strength. We now appreciated the benefit of practicing scissor squats at the commencement of the workshop. Step 9 ‘White geese land on the beach’ required us to rise up and down, again challenging our balance.

Step 4 ‘Ji Chang shoots the louse’ incorporated movements of using a bow and arrow. The story behind it emphasises what can be done when you concentrate your mind. Ji Change gazed day after day at a tiny louse until the creature appeared to him to be the size of a cartwheel. Then he could shoot it with his arrow.

Thank you Zenaida for the wonderful tasty treats!

“Walked to the workshop expecting a chill easy lesson, thinking what will Senior Master Chin Min reveal from his silk sleeves? It was a pretty hard work out, but another great day of learning and stretching. Looking forward to the next one.”

“Arrived not knowing what to expect. Came away feeling invigorated, at ease and more confident with my strength and balance. Thank you Senior Master Chin Min.”

Chris Cain
Brighton and South Yarra