New College clothing

Update on 3 November 2019

The online store is currently closed.
But we have a few items available to buy.

  • Black short sleeve polo shirt: Mens size M
  • Vest: Ladies size 14
  • Jacket: Mens size S (this is slightly smaller than the Ladies size 14)
  • Jackets: Mens Size L

If you're interested in any of these clothing, please contact Margaret:

Previously on 16 May 2019
We are delighted to announce a new range of Celestial Tai Chi College (CTCC) branded clothing.
All garments must be purchased through our online shop. The College will no longer hold any stock in reserve. The shop will be open for a period of three to four weeks. Production will commence a few weeks after the shop closes. When complete, all orders will be collected by a CTCC representative and distributed to your Centre Instructor for collection.
We will open the shop once a year. Four items are currently available - details and prices are shown in the pictures below.

Polo shirts

Our new polos are made of TrueDry light-weight polycotton that has a high ultraviolet sun protection factor, is breathable, wicks away moisture from the skin, is quick dry and anti-bacterial.

We have two styles available: women’s shaping that tapers in at the waist, and men’s or unisex styling with traditional straight sides. Colours available are black with red logo, and red with black logo. We also have a long-sleeved polo in black fabric with red logo.

Soft-shell hi-tech vest and jacket

Our new outer-wear garments are water and wind resistant, breathable, tough-wearing, insulative and have four-way stretch. They look very smart with their smooth outer and feel soft, light and comfortable to wear. Perfect for winter park lessons!

We have two styles available: women’s shaping that tapers in at the waist, and men’s or unisex styling with straight sides.  Available in black with red logo.

How to buy

Last day to order from online store: Friday 24 May

  1. Click on our Celestial Tai Chi College Online Store to see this:

  2. Click on each individual image to see further information. For example, click on the red polo to see this:

  3. Each garment has front and back photos and sizing charts for the men’s and women’s styles. Choose whether you prefer men’s or women’s styling and ensure you pick the correct size. Senior Instructor Suzette Hosken is wearing women’s size 14C in the photos above. The polo is the perfect size while the vest and jacket are very roomy. Measure “half chest” from armpit to armpit:

    Measure “body length” from the top shoulder seam near the neck to the bottom of the garment:
  4. Click on the arrows next to “Choose an option” to see a drop-down menu of sizes available:
  5. Choose which size you prefer and click “Add to cart”. Continue shopping or click on “View Cart” to proceed through to checkout and payment.

  6. Payment can be made via credit card on the secure checkout page.
  7. On the payment page, you will see 3 boxes labelled "Student Name" /"Year" /"Class". Enter your name and class location to assist with distribution of items to your local CTCC Centre Instructor.
  8. Sit back and wait with great anticipation for the arrival of your new clothing to be delivered to you via your Centre Instructor, about 4 weeks after the closing date.

If you have any issues with your clothing, then please discuss with your Lead Tai Chi instructor at your local centre.

Updated: 14 April 2021