Wu Qin Xi Five Animals Qigong Workshop

The second seminar in our Special Health series, the Wu Qin Xi Five Animals Qigong Workshop was held in July 2017 and run by Grandmaster Eng Chor Khor and Master Tong Low. Everyone had a lot of fun learning the health benefits of doing this routine, one of the Qigong routines officially recognised by the Chinese Health Qigong Association.

Just like with the first seminar on Ba Duan Jin, it was quite a challenge but also great fun to follow the movements and breathing technique taught. As we tried to imitate the behaviour of animals, it felt easier with every move, enjoyable and perhaps closer to the spirit of animals and birds. No wonder the ancient Chinese civilisation looked for best cures in nature, creating a unique system of exercise in various Qigong and Tai Chi forms, unsurpassed to this day.