2019 Six Healing Sounds Qigong Workshop

Over 30 enthusiastic students attended a very interesting workshop on Six Healing Sounds (Liù zì jué qìgōng) or Six Word Formula, on Saturday 6 April 2019. I was quite eager to attend as I’d never heard of this form of Qigong, and I’d never experienced a type of Qigong that combined movement AND vocal sounds simultaneously.

Together, Master Tong Low and Grand Master Eng Chor expertly taught us how to say the six key sounds as well as execute the movements. Everyone seemed to learn quickly and by the end of the workshop, we all had sufficient knowledge of the movements and sounds. It was quite an effective workshop and we were given excellent insight into the proper form.

Students were also given plenty of access to the Masters and I was glad to ask some questions. In particular, I noticed in doing the movements that I was generating excess Chi which I found uncomfortable, but in response, Master Tong Low showed us how to remove excess chi. He also talked about how each movement suited particular organs in the body. I said I had weak organs due to ageing and he smiled and responded that was why he practised Liù zì jué - to strengthen his organs!

I felt so good with the movements that when I left the workshop, I hunted down some excellent videos on YouTube so that I could ensure I’d keep doing the form each day. (My favourite one can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdCOaCvhWdw&t=12s) Also, I bought a special book, recommended by Master Tong Low. The book, Liù zì jué, by the Chinese Health Qigong Association 2008, is an excellent primer on how to do the sounds and movements.

Liù zì jué is a traditional health and fitness set of exercises focused on controlling the breath. It regulates and controls the rise and fall of Chi in the body, synchronising inhalation and exhalation through six mouth shapes and sounds. Chinese medicine holds that each organ will respond when a particular sound is pronounced. For instance, the liver responds when “XU” is pronounced, and exhaling while pronouncing it clears the organ of turbid Chi and regulates its function.

From reading the book, I have realised that the excess Chi I felt at the workshop was probably just the release of the turbid Chi in my organs. I’ve noticed that after a week of doing Liù zì jué, I no longer feel the excess Chi – it seems more regulated rather than excessive.

All in all, I feel that I attended a life-changing workshop. Thank you so much, Celestial Tai Chi College!

Susan Dart
Student, Doncaster East Evening Centre

Updated 12 June 2019