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2018 Performance and Banquet

The Banquet for 2018 was held Sunday 4 March at Happy Receptions in West Footscray, a new venue, smart, clean, well-appointed and well-organised. Judging from the sound of bright chatter, happy was the best word to describe the evening. This year I was amazed to see so many faces I didn’t recognise; it was an…
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WTQA Festival

The WTQA Festival is a yearly event run by Wushu Tai Chi and Qigong Australia. This special festival brings together Tai Chi, Qigong and Wushu practitioners from all over Australia to demonstrate their skills and techniques. WTQA is an association of students, practitioners, instructors, and schools who have banded together to help promote and develop…
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Free Park Sessions

Our FREE park sessions are among most enjoyable activities run by the college. These sessions give our students the opportunity to practice Tai Chi and Qigong in the open air, in natural surroundings. They bring together past and present students, Instructors and the Masters from all of our centres and have been attended by many…
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Qigong Master class

Mawang Dui Health Qigong class with Senior Master Chin Min Lian Join Senior Master Chin Min Lian of Celestial Tai Chi College as he shares with you Mawang Dui Health Qigong and reap the benefits of his skills and wisdom! This beautiful health Qigong routine is created and compiled by the Health Qigong Administration Center…
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2017 Martial Arts Tour

Russia and Belarus On Monday the 20th November 2017, a small group of 13 set off for an adventure to Russia and to perform at the 7th International Martial Arts Games in Minsk, Belarus. Sights of Moscow, Russia Our first stop was Moscow! We arrived in Moscow in the early afternoon and were met by…
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2017 End Year Message – SM Chin Min

Dear Tai Chi friends, We have now come to a close of our 27th year of sharing Tai Chi with our communities and many have taken the opportunity to learn new routines, refined previously learned ones and others have just enjoyed being part of a friendly and warm Tai Chi fraternity. Lately the Masters have…
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2017 The Great Dance with SM Chin Min

On Sunday 29th October 2017, Senior Master Chin Min conducted the final workshop for the year, leading a group of approximately 35 participants through the beautiful Da Wu Health Qigong. Da Wu Qigong is said to originate from the Tang period, around 4,000 years ago however the term “great dance” (da wu) is said to…
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Annual Banquet

Every year the College organises a special Banquet. That is the time when all the teaching staff, students, their families and guests meet socially and enjoy a feast of delicious Chinese delicacies. A glass of red or the scent of jasmine tea and friendly chats with those around you only enhance the wonderful experience. Where:…
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