What to do in Bundoora during COVID-19 restrictions

The instructors and students from the Bundoora Centre share what they are doing during the current COVID-19 restrictions. Some are taking full advantage of the free online resources to continue practising their Tai Chi and Qigong, whereas others are taking this opportunity to volunteer their time to worthy causes.

Belinda’s Tai Chi Zoom Class

Tai Chi has rapidly become a major part of our lives. What started out as a plan to find something new to enjoy together, quickly became so much more. We found ourselves really looking forward to our regular weekly classes, meeting up with other wonderful and fun members, the park practice sessions and being part of a special community. COVID-19 isolation has denied us this simple pleasure and we were worried that our newly found skills, nurtured under the watchful eye of Martin and Margaret, would dissipate. We felt that their gentle, patient and encouraging lessons, not to mention the giving of their own time at park sessions, would have to begin at the start again when restrictions are lifted.

This was not the case. The magnificent Belinda has been running her Zoom classes since our isolation began and these have been an absolute delight. She has patiently and with great enthusiasm given of her time to ensure skills are not lost but maintained and expanded. We have been so grateful for her expertise, smile and tireless efforts. When we next walk into the warm embrace of our Bundoora class, we shall do so knowing that Belinda has allowed us to pick up where we left off and, more importantly, to keep the love of Tai Chi and what it has brought to our lives, alive and well.

We are forever grateful to you all and look forward to the day we can meet up in the park face-to-face and participate in a class together. How joyous!

Susan & Stuart, Students
Bundoora Centre

Greetings to all at Celestial Tai Chi!

I quite sadly say, no, I haven’t practised at all, so back to the beginning I need to go.
COVID-19 has been an interesting time, as I have kept working with a change of habits. I work for an inner city council, so, I’ve been undertaking a myriad of tasks from prepping meals on wheels, delivering meals on wheels, creating activity packs to be delivered to isolated seniors, joining together 350 knitted squares to create blankets to be distributed to a vulnerable cohort and lastly joined a Kazoo band.
Watch out for our online Kazoo band performance during Seniors Festival online in October 2020!

Robin Carducci, Student
Bundoora Centre

They are Margaret’s Special Tai Chi Friends who want to make everyone happy in this COVID-19 World!

I would like to share a beautiful story with you about our College Facebook page and how sharing it on my own Facebook page gave my friend's adult daughter with special needs a new Covid-19 World routine.

The College originally posted their online videos on the Facebook page to help past and present students with their Tai Chi journey, to keep them engaged, to encourage their home practice and just make them feel that they are not forgotten by the College. However, our College online resources have also helped my friend and her daughter without any of us even realising it.

A few months ago, I rang my girlfriend to check how she and her daughter were coping, my friend being a single mum with an adult daughter with special needs. Most of her daughter’s activities have been stopped due to the lockdown restrictions. The support services for both my friend and her daughter have also been greatly reduced.

We started talking about her daughter and she explained that her daughter just could not understand our Covid-19 Lockdown.

“Margaret, she wants to know:
Why can’t they go out?
Why can’t she see her friends?
Why is there no classes?
Why can’t I go to the shop with you?
Why don’t we go to church any more?
Why can’t I go to work?”

The ‘why’ questions just went on and on. Her daughter became very frustrated, crying and yelling ‘WHY’ and started throwing things around the house. My friend asked me, “Do you have any new ideas, Margaret? I am willing to try anything at this stage!”

So, I suggested that she should check out the Celestial Tai Chi College free online videos, then just follow the links on my Facebook page. I said, “Watch the videos when your daughter is asleep to make sure that they are appropriate for her.”

About a week later, my friend rang me back to report on how her daughter was coping. “Margaret, please send a ‘thank you’ note to the College for the online free videos, they are fantastic!”

My friend has reported that her daughter is more relaxed, calm and just happier within herself, and she believes it’s due to the College free online videos. Here is a part of her daughter’s new Covid-19 normal routine, Monday to Friday—

Morning - Both mother and daughter watch and follow, to the best of their ability:
Senior Instructor Suzette Hosken - Qigong Style Warm Up
Grand Master Eng Chor Khor – Lotus Qigong
Senior Instructor Belinda Leong - Cool Down Routine.

Afternoon - quiet time for my friend’s daughter:
They both sit down with a plate of cut up fruit to watch a movie.

At least once a week my friend’s daughter likes to watch the Yang Tai Chi videos (yes, all 3) performed by:
Grand Master Eng Chor Khor
Senior Master Chin Min Lian, and
Senior Instructor Wally Wilkinson

“My daughter calls it a ‘the dancing movie’, Margaret”. She says that her daughter votes for her favourite person doing the Yang/Dance routine to mum. She votes for a different person each time to make it fair.

I would personally like to say ‘thank you’ to the College Masters and Instructors:
Grand Master Eng Chor Khor
Senior Master Chin Min Lian
Senior Instructor Wally Wilkinson
Senior Instructor Suzette Hosken
Senior Instructor Belinda Leong

You have not only helped our past and present students with their Tai Chi Journey, but you have also helped my friend’s family cope in our crazy Covid-19 world. Without even realising it, you have all given support and help to this family.

My friend doesn’t know if her daughter will continue with our College online resources once everything goes back to normal after Covid-19 pandemic. But for the moment, it’s giving this family some peace, and that is all I can ask for, for this special family.

My friend’s daughter had one more question for her mum:
“Why are the videos on Margaret’s Facebook Page?”
“That one I could answer plain and simple, Margaret.”

“They are Margaret’s Special Tai Chi Friends who want to make everyone happy in this Covid-19 World!”

How true is that statement! It really puts a smile on my face and warms my heart to hear that is how this special family sees the Celestial Tai Chi College instructing staff and students.

I hope that this story also makes you smile.

Looking forward to seeing all my special Tai Chi friends soon.

Margaret Bay, Instructor
Bundoora Centre

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Updated: 11 October 2020