Boroondara Volunteer of the Year Award

Senior Instructor Margaret Rogers is the recipient of the 2022 Boroondara Volunteer of the Year Award for her work with the Camberwell Community Centre, the Victorian Flute Guild, the Scout Association of Australia (Victorian Branch) and the Celestial Tai Chi College.

The award ceremony was held in the Mayor’s Room at the Hawthorn Arts Precinct in early December 2021.

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Margaret has been with the Celestial Tai Chi College for nearly 30 years and as an Instructor has not only been in charge of the Ashburton Centre, but also has run classes for community centres, retirement villages, senior citizen clubs and YMCA recreation centres. Throughout the years the College has been asked to provide instructors for the community and the Masters have always supported these classes. Margaret has also participated in local festivals and has run free park sessions in Bowen Street Gardens in Camberwell for all this time.

As a new Instructor, she was asked to run classes at the Camberwell Community Centre and during this time she was asked to join the Board of Management of the Centre. She was on the Committee for many years and was the President/Chair for the last 17 years. The Centre’s activities were run out of two old houses about 1 km apart. It was during this time she presented a case to the Boroondara Council that the Centre needed to have a new purpose-built building which would serve the residents for the future. After a few hitches the new $8-million building in Fairholm Grove, Camberwell, was opened in 2021. It features a hall, a pottery studio, 2 art studios, a wellness room, 2 classrooms and houses the Maternal Health and Child Centre.

It was mainly through her work with the Community Centre that Margaret was the recipient of the award, but the College was also part of the submission. In addition, she was the editor of the Victorian Flute Guild’s magazine and the Honorary Treasurer as well as, many years ago, Margaret was the first female Branch Commissioner for Cubs (Victorian Branch). Although after about 30 years in each of these roles she has resigned from the Camberwell Community Centre, the Victorian Flute Guild and the Scout Association, she is still a vital part of the Celestial Tai Chi College and is enjoying her classes.

Margaret acknowledges that Tai Chi is keeping her physically and mentally active and she enjoys the social interaction with her students and her colleagues.

Congratulations to Margaret for this award!

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Updated: 24 February 2022