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Exploring Tai Chi using Mindfulness and Flow

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully in the present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, to not be distracted by what’s going on around us. Mindfulness is a quality that every person already possesses - it’s not something you have to create. In Tai Chi we learn how to develop this…
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The Celestial TaiChi College logo

At a recent Celestial Tai Chi College (CTCC) instructor training session, when explaining the history behind some tai chi moves, Senior Master Chin Min went on to explain some of the thinking that went into creating the CTCC logo when setting up the College.  Further history of the College which was established in 1990 by…
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2019 Q&A Philosophy Session

Our recent Philosophy Q&A afternoon on the 1st of June saw Grand Master Eng Chor once again delight his audience with insightful pearls of wisdom about Tai Chi and Qigong, their origins and benefits, applications and styles and much more.  As always, these sessions help in giving great knowledge on this ancient exercise as we…
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2017 WTQA Festival

19th Wushu Tai Chi and Qigong Australia (WTQA) Festival – 27th Aug 2017 Monash University Sports Stadium, Clayton Campus From the very first bounce of the Hung Gar Yau Shu’s Lion Dance to the final presentation of medals and trophies, the WTQA association has once again lived up to its vision of uniting and supporting…
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2017 Philosophy Lesson with GM Eng Chor

Do you understand the underlying philosophy of tai chi? Do you know about Yin Yang theory, the five elements, the Bagua trigrams? How do these inform the way we do our tai chi? Can you tell your Chen from your Yang? Your Wu from your Sun? Chinese history? Which was the most successful dynasty? During…
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“Live Long, Live Well” -Teachings

Live Long, Live Well: Teachings from the Chinese Nourishment of Life Tradition  – by Peter Deadman. If someone ever asks you what are the proven benefits of regular Tai Chi Chuan or Qigong practice maybe you could try the following sentence ... “Either Tai Chi or Qigong have been shown to improve renal and cardiac…
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2017 QiGong Seminar-Ba Duan Jin

Special QIGONG Seminar Series – BA DUAN JIN Grand Master Eng Chor and Master Tong Low A long-awaited series of Seminars on ”the art of breathing or energy flow”, in Grand Master’s words, commenced on a glorious autumn Sunday afternoon with 25 participants, keen to fathom and learn the wisdom of Qigong. Many had previously…
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Reclaim Your Wayward Limbs

Tai Chi has many benefits, and for me a valuable one is that it helps me to feel that I ‘own’ every part of my body. Seems an odd thing to say but not all of us are aware of how we move. Some of us will swear our right arm is in a perfect…
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