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A Personal Story in Praise of Qigong

My name is Michele Cunningham and I belong to the Eltham Centre. I noticed a problem with my balance about 6 years ago and initially thought it was age related. However, when it became more pronounced I sought medical help. It was difficult to describe; some doctors said it was vertigo although I constantly said…
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Benefits of Qigong

A ‘Little Bit of Science’ Behind the Benefits of Qigong Telomeres protect the end of everyone’s chromosomes; they are important in protecting your DNA. The length of your telomeres is an important indicator of health, the longer they are the healthier your cells and tissues, therefore you! One’s genes do affect your telomeres. Telomeres naturally…
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‘SUBSTANCE’ in Yang-Style Tai Chi

Introduction Yang-style Tai Chi had its roots in the successful martial art routine developed by Yang for training competitors in hand-to-hand fighting. The routine is performed as a gentle, slow and graceful routine, found to be excellent exercise because it uses every joint and muscle in the body together with providing excellent exercise for the…
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2016 Banquet Highlights

The College’s 2016 banquet was held Sunday, 4th December and was again rated as very successful, with the 10 course meal being described as the most delicious ever. As with past annual banquets, we were treated to solo performances by Grand Master Eng Chor (Celestial Tai Chi Performance routine and Sun Tai Chi), Senior Master…
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Age no Barrier to Practicing Tai Chi

Edna Neubecker turned 99 last July, and is now in her 100th year. The first time she did Tai Chi was during a trip to China on a Shanghai street in 1983.  She remembers a group of ladies being instructed by another wearing white gloves.  The exercise looked beautiful so she and her friend joined…
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TaiChi–blending Body, Mind and Spirit

How does Tai Chi provide us comprehensive guidance? And how can we consider applying the benefits to our own context? Consider the "body, mind and spirit" model... BODY Stretching the muscles. Loosening the joints. Improvement in circulation of the blood. Achieving flexibility of the body. Movements come from what the Chinese call ‘wu-wei’ or ‘not-…
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Never too Late to ‘Un-Learn’

To appreciate Tai Chi Chuan, we should consider that it is not an activity where you are learning new stuff. It is what you are, but have forgotten, it is an awakening of innate qualities of what it is to be human. We can refer to the teachings of F. Matthias Alexander - the creator…
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2016 End Year Message -GMaster EngChor

Dear Tai Chi friends, I hope that you have enjoyed doing Tai Chi with us this year. Senior Master Chin Min and I conducted special workshops which gave everyone the opportunity to refine old routines and learn new routines from the Masters. These have been very popular and we will be continuing to do this…
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