2018 Qigong Workshop with Senior Master Chin Min

Our health is the greatest asset we have and keeping our bodies healthy is the greatest obligation we owe to ourselves. The Chinese have developed and perfected a vast knowledge of Health preservation exercises.

Please join Senior Master Chin Min as he shares these health qigong with you and reap the benefit of his skills and wisdom.

12-Step Daoyin Health Qigong

Daoyin Health Qigong is one of the new health qigong routine compiled and developed by the Health Qigong Association of China. It consists of 12 steps of exercises based on the traditional “Daoyin” and Traditional Chinese Medicines health preservation principles. The 12-step Daoyin Health Qigong emphasizes the effect on life produced by movement, just as “running water” is never stale and the door-hinge will never get rusted.

This exercise is harmonious and symmetrical, embodying left and right, upper and lower, front and back and high and low motions symbolizing the balance of yin and yang. It attaches importance to the cultivation of the essence, Qi (energy) through regulating the breath, “nourishing the shen (spirit) through regulating the mind” and “circulating meridians through regulating the form.”

This is an exercise with graceful movements, easy to learn routine, suitable for all ages and effective for maintaining good health and prolonging life.

6 Combination Palm Qigong

Palm Qigong is an excellent Qigong exercise focusing on the 6 different palms movement to rejuvenate and circulate your internal energy throughout the body.

When: Saturday 21 April 2018, 2 to 6 pm
Where: Ashburton Primary School Hall, Fakenham Road, Ashburton
Cost: $69, or $59 for concession, Senior card holders, or past workshop attendees
Booking: email: info@celestialtaichi.com.au, Tel: 9840 2855, 0407 402 852