2019 Six Healing Sounds Qigong Workshop

Celestial Tai Chi College is delighted to continue with Qigong workshops on Saturday 6 April, teaching one of the four major Qigong forms, recognised by the Chinese Health Qigong Association, Six Healing Sounds Qigong (Liù zì jué qìgōng) or Six Word Formula.

You can join in even if you haven’t done the previous forms as they are not connected, but independently taught.

Six Healing Sounds Qigong is a sophisticated and challenging way of coordinating movement, breathing and sound, developed over centuries and based on traditional Chinese medicine. Such a combination of sound, breath and movement makes it particularly beneficial and hence attractive to learners.
Grand Master Eng Chor and Master Tong Low will teach us how to move the body and breathe in a particular way whilst producing specific sounds that stimulate the energy - Qi.

The sounds (written in pinyin as Xu, He, Hu, Si, Chui and Xi), vibrating through the body are meant to help us achieve emotional and physical balance, stimulate flexibility and leave us stress free. If this sounds like something you want too, we look forward to seeing you at the workshop!

When: Saturday 6 April, 2pm-5pm
Where: Ashburton Primary School Hall, Fakenham Road, Ashburton, Victoria
Cost: $69, or $59 for concession, Senior card holders, or past workshop attendees. Cash or cheque (no credit/debit card facilities)
Booking: email: info@celestialtaichi.com.au, Tel: 9840 2855

Ashburton Primary School is located 15km from Melbourne city centre and is easily accessible via the M1 Monash Freeway.

Updated: 11 March 2019