Why do Tai Chi?

Why do Tai Chi? Maybe you've thought of this question or possibly someone has asked you why bother doing Tai Chi if it doesn't look like it does anything. But, it is deceptively so!

Tai Chi can help improve your health and wellbeing. It won't cure you of serious ailments, but it may help you cope with serious illnesses or cope with difficult treatments.

This article collates some of the health benefits of doing Tai Chi based on research studies done across the world. These studies indicate that Tai Chi can help improve your sleep, mood and cognition. It can help reduce stress and prevent falls. It can also improve symptoms from fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, heart and lung disease and arthritis.

Healthline: 11 Ways Tai Chi Can Benefit Your Health

If the results of the research have sparked your interest, then do give Tai Chi and Qigong a try at any of our centres across Melbourne.

Posted on Facebook: 11 October 2019