2016 End Year Message -GMaster EngChor

Dear Tai Chi friends,
I hope that you have enjoyed doing Tai Chi with us this year. Senior Master Chin Min and I conducted special workshops which gave everyone the opportunity to refine old routines and learn new routines from the Masters. These have been very popular and we will be continuing to do this next year.

I am very proud of the participants who competed, judged or assisted at the Wushu, Tai Chi & Qigong Australia (WTQA) competition. The performances of our participants were outstanding and a pleasure to watch.

In September, I hosted our cultural tour in China, where we enjoyed a relaxing cruise along the Yangtze river to visit the Three Gorges Dam. We admired the amazing Big Buddha at Mt Emei and enjoyed seeing pandas in Chengdu.

Next year in November, please join me on a trip to Minsk, Belarus to attend the International Martial Arts and Tai Chi competition. As the president of the Australian IMGC (International Martial Arts Games Committee), I continue my involvement in representing Australia. This event is an opportunity to see exciting world class competition and performances from practitioners across the world in various disciplines of Martial Arts and Tai Chi.

SM Chin Min and I would like to thank our instructors, trainees and class helpers for their commitment and dedication in running classes to share the benefits of doing Tai Chi and Qigong with our students. All of our instructors and trainees attend special training sessions throughout the year conducted by the Masters and Senior Instructors. This is to ensure they deliver high standard of teaching to our students.

I hope that you will join me at our last major event for 2016 at the Christmas Banquet. This is an opportunity to enjoy performances by SM Chin Min and myself while enjoying a delicious meal with the company of the members of the Tai Chi college.

SM Chin Min and I look forward to seeing all of our students return in 2017 to enjoy doing Tai Chi with us and to continue reaping the health benefits of doing Tai Chi.

Grand Master Eng Chor
November 2016