2018 Annual Banquet

Shark Fin House in Chinatown provided the ideal venue for the annual College Banquet on 25 November, 2018. The focus of the banquet was on the food and social interaction of all of the 135 participants who were lucky to attend (sorry for those on the waiting list, but better luck for the next one).

All attending were greeted by Senior Instructor Margie Brett and myself as has been the practice for the last few years. Margie had a wonderful time greeting everyone, but little did we know that it was really a final good bye to all of us, as she passed several weeks later. As I said in my public comments at the end of the evening, the friends we have all made within the College have been very important to me and to all of us – this being directed especially to Margie.

I had invited friends to the banquet who commented on the fact that everyone was so friendly and the atmosphere reflected this. I believe this is the calming effect that our practice of Tai Chi has on all of us.

Beng Yan managed to arrange a wonderful menu within a set cost structure which was served at a leisurely pace to allow us to wander around to speak to instructors and students from other centres. There was no performance so as to allow the Masters and Instructors to enjoy the evening.

Both Masters spoke and thanked the instructing team for their efforts throughout the year. Special thanks were directed to Senior Instructors Margie Brett and Wally Wilkinson for running the supplementary training sessions.

The following Assistant Instructors were appointed
* Geraldine Ryan
* Chris Quinn
* Siew Chin Ang
* Jacqueline Cannavo
* Kerrie Wilson
* James Owen

And Instructors appointed:
* Jo Fraser - Camberwell and Doncaster day
* Margaret Bay - Bundoora
* Martin Bay - Bundoora

The Masters and their wives were presented with gifts of appreciation from the training team.

A good time had by all - but tinged with sadness.

Margaret Rogers
Senior Instructor, Ashburton and Hawthorn

More photos available on our Facebook page.

Updated: 13 January 2019