2018 End Year Message – GM Eng Chor

Dear Tai Chi friends,

Senior Master Chin Min and I hope that you have enjoyed doing Tai Chi with us this year. On top of our regular classes, we have conducted workshops to teach Qigong routines that are recommended by the Chinese Qigong Health Association. These have been very popular and we will be continuing to do this next year. During the Seniors Festival, we have welcomed our seniors to try Tai Chi and Qigong and enjoy the health benefits of doing these exercises to improve their mobility, memory and general health.

At the national level, I am honoured to be elected President of Wushu, Tai Chi & Qigong Australia (WTQA) this year. I thank the efforts of the committee members and volunteers who staged the annual WTQA friendly games. I am very proud of our Celestial Tai Chi's involvement in these games. Senior Master Chin Min performed, our instructors participated as judges and our talented members competed to give wonderful performances and win medals.

At the international level, as an executive member of the International Martial Arts Games Committee (IMGC), I will be traveling to Pyongyang in November. We are meeting to decide on the venue to hold next year's IMGC Games. Front-runners are currently Greece, India and Malaysia. This will be an opportunity for all to join me and attend these games.

Next year, I am considering conducting a Cultural Tour of Wudang Shan as a Qigong learning experience. More information about this next year.

SM Chin Min and I would like to thank our instructors, trainees and class helpers for their commitment and dedication in running classes to share the benefits of doing Tai Chi and Qigong with our students. All of our instructors and trainees attend special training sessions throughout the year conducted by the Masters and Senior Instructors. This is to ensure they deliver high standard of teaching to our students.

I hope that you will join me at our last major event for 2018 at the Annual Banquet. This is an opportunity to meet the Masters and the Teaching Team, while enjoying a delicious meal in the company of the members of the Celestial Tai Chi College.

SM Chin Min and I look forward to seeing all of our students return in 2019 to enjoy doing Tai Chi with us and to continue reaping the health benefits of doing Tai Chi.

Grand Master Eng Chor
November 2018