2018 Manningham Relay For Life

Relay For Life is a charity event run by the Cancer Council to raise funds to support people who are undergoing cancer treatment or recovering from cancer. We were pleased to be able to provide support to this event again this year and chose the 8am session on Sunday 9th September.

Standing in the centre of Rieschiecks Reserve, we were pleasantly surprised to see the large number of people who have come to support this events. Colourful tents were lined up around the track but many participants were already actively walking or jogging on around the athletics track.

Initially, a few people came to join us as Jana, Pavla, Christina, Lucy and I started to warm up our bodies with some limbering exercises. Pretty soon, a large gathering had formed, many of them were secondary college students. The enthusiastic participants followed us as we practiced Shibashi Set 1, the Lotus exercise and the Yang Beijing 24 form. We noticed there was even a little competition amongst the students from the girls’ and boys’ schools. Nevertheless, their smiling faces and feedback at the end of the practice told us how much they had enjoyed practicing Tai Chi.

Gabrielle Jang, Class Helper, Doncaster evening centre