2019 Art-Flow-Plant at Jocelyn Reserve

Living in Melbourne, we are certainly lucky to have an amazing selection of parks and reserves that we can use and enjoy. Whether it is to ride our bikes, walk our dogs or just enjoy nature.

The recent upgrade of Jocelyn Reserve in East Doncaster was a special reason for celebration, so Manningham Council held a neighbourhood party, “Art-Flow-Plant at Jocelyn Reserve opening” on Saturday 31 August in the afternoon.

This Reserve happens to be just down the road from the new home of Doncaster East Centre of Celestial Tai Chi College at the Doncaster Senior Citizens Centre. Naturally, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to join the party and do Tai Chi and Qigong in this beautiful park.

So, on this lovely sunny Saturday afternoon, Belinda Leong, Jana Jares, Christina Koh, Lucy Tay and I brought our Tai Chi music and practised Tai Chi together. Belinda commenced the session with limbering and Qigong Shi Ba Shi Set 1 exercises to get everyone warmed up and into the flow. Jana then led us through the Lotus Qigong exercise to give us a good stretch before Christina took us through the Tai Chi 24 Form.

Our Tai Chi mate Barbara, from the Box Hill morning class, also came and joined us in our energising exercise. Many people at the park watched and happily attempted to learn some flowing Tai Chi movements with us, for the very first time. Their smiling faces told us how thoroughly they enjoyed it all. It was a wonderful way to spend a relaxing Saturday afternoon in a local park.

Gabrielle Jang
Class Helper, Doncaster East Evening Centre

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Updated: 5 October 2019