A tribute to Mario Cianci

In August 2019, Mario stepped down as Senior Instructor of the College and relinquished his current teaching position at the Doncaster and Camberwell day centres as well as the community class at Box Hill Centro. This was after 27 years of active involvement with the College with 24 years as an Instructor and then as Senior Instructor.

If you know Mario well enough, you would have heard his story of how he started his Tai Chi journey and would have also noticed his passion and love for this gentle art. He attributed much of his vitality and strength to Tai Chi. This passion and love for Tai Chi were expressed in his dedication to the classes he taught and the students he mentored. In fact, many of the teaching staff of the College have grown over the years under Mario’s tutelage.

Mario has a gentle and a loving spirit, befitting the art he is passionate about. You will always see him with a smile on his face, which has attracted much affection from all who have known him. Learning the intricacies of each Tai Chi movement can be daunting, especially for a beginner, but Mario has always been able to make one feel so comfortable and relaxed that learning Tai Chi becomes fun and enjoyable. His Tai Chi students have respected and loved him.

Mario has been a loyal friend of the College and the Masters. Grand Master Eng Chor and I acknowledge and deeply appreciate his unwavering dedication to promoting the College and his significant contribution and assistance to us. We particularly value and appreciate his friendship and his support in all our Tai Chi activities and events over the years. All the Senior Instructors, as part of the College Advisory Group of which Mario was a member, equally respect him and love him and will miss his smiling face and gentle personality.

The College is also very much indebted to Mario for his great work in promoting and teaching Tai Chi and Qigong to countless people in the many classes he has taken.

We all wish Mario well.

With much appreciation,
Senior Master Chin Min Lian

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Senior Master Chin Min for the tribute he has written about my journey with the Celestial Tai Chi College. I don't feel that I deserve such praise but appreciate it very much. I would also like to thank Grand Master Eng Chor for the encouragement he gave me many years ago to participate in the Instructor Training Program. I never thought it possible that I could become an instructor but, I guess, anything is possible.

I have enjoyed all my years of involvement with Celestial Tai Chi College and am so fortunate to have made so many great friends over the years. Even though I have stepped down from teaching I intend to keep in touch and keep on practicing Tai Chi. So you'll definitely see me around.

Mario Cianci
Retired Senior Instructor

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Updated: 5 October 2019