2019 Manningham Relay For Life

On my regular Sunday mornings, I would like nothing better than to sleep in or lie in bed for as long as I can. Instead, on Sunday 8 September I joined many keen participants at the Manningham Cancer Council’s Relay for Life event, an overnight fundraising team relay which started from Saturday night.

When I arrived at Rieschiecks Reserve in East Doncaster, just before 8am, there was already a sea of tents around the athletics track and people up and exercising. Among the crowd I found Jana Jares and Pavla Rada, swinging their arms to warm up in the chilly morning air.
Shortly after, Christina Koh and Shelly Sandars arrived and we all started doing Tai Chi together. Christina commenced warm ups with Qigong ShiBaShi, Jana helped us stretch with the Lotus Qigong before Christina lead us through Yang Style Tai Chi 1-3, Tai Chi 10 Steps and cool down with the Lohan Qigong.

There were plenty of interested onlookers before a few brave ones joined in, learning Tai Chi moves such as ‘cloud hands’ and ‘snake creeps down’, amongst others. Our participants were mainly students, determined to spend the previous night there. One of the girls complained of sore legs, no doubt from the long hours of running or walking, which was a perfect opportunity for us to teach her some Tai Chi stretches. That certainly helped her ease some of her soreness!

Instead of recharging myself with a sleep-in, this early morning session of Tai Chi with friends left me feeling energised and invigorated!

Gabrielle Jang
Class Helper, Doncaster Centre

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Updated: 5 October 2019