2019 End of year message

You may not realise that in the last few years there has been a resurgence of interest and passion about Qigong in the worldwide Qigong community. Qigong and its various forms have been around for thousands of years and the benefits from these exercises are well documented. However, when people realise that modern medication, though marvellous in its own way, brings along many side effects to our bodies and often the ill effects are worse than the disease we seek to cure, people start turning to natural healing systems such as Qigong and Tai Chi.

Over the years, the Chinese Health Qigong Association of China has been actively consolidating, standardising and promoting various Qigong forms. In view of this, Grand Master Eng Chor and I have been actively introducing various Qigong forms to our Celestial community. In the last few years, we have taught many Qigong forms including the following:

1. Baduan Jin
2. Yi Jing Jing
3. Liuzi Jue
4. Wuqin Xi
5. 12-steps Daoyin
6. Dawu
7. Mawang Dui
8. Qigong stick

We teach the above Qigong forms in our various centres, introducing them gradually, and I encourage you to learn and practise them regularly. Qigong and Tai Chi supplement each other. In my own personal practice, I follow a daily regime. I commence with breathing exercises in a variety of postures to calm the mind and relax the body. I then move onto some limbering and stretching exercises. After that, I run through one Qigong form, for example, Mawang Dui Qigong, and usually do it twice. Finally, I would do a Tai Chi form such as Celestial Level 1-6 or Tai Chi 48 or other Tai Chi forms. I would finish off with some deep breathing exercise to calm the mind and relax the body. You do not have to follow what I do, but I encourage you to include Qigong and Tai Chi forms in your own practice.

In 2020, we intend to introduce more Qigong forms to you in our various workshops and trust you will join us. The year 2020 is Celestial College’s 30th anniversary and there will be a range of different events to mark this auspicious year. One of them will be a Celestial Tai Chi and Qigong Celebration Performance. Look out for more details on the various events to unfold next year.

To conclude 2019, GM Eng Chor and I together with your class instructors wish to extend to you our warm festive greetings. May the year 2020 be a good year filled with wonderful surprises for you and your family.


Senior Master Chin Min Lian

Updated: 15 November 2019