2019 World Tai Chi and Qigong Day

On Saturday 27 April at Central Park in Malvern, nearly 40 participants came together to celebrate World Tai Chi and Qigong Day. This special day is celebrated across the world to share our enjoyment and appreciation of the health benefits of doing Tai Chi and Qigong. It was wonderful to see our current students and instructors participate alongside other practitioners, past students and new students.

It was a beautiful morning to do Tai Chi and Qigong. We started off with some limbering and Qigong exercises from Senior Instructor Margaret Rogers, followed by the Lotus Qigong lead by Assistant Instructor Kerrie Wilson. This was an enjoyable warm up session to loosen up the body and relax the mind.

Then Senior Master Chin Min lead the group through a “smorgasbord” of Tai Chi and Qigong routines, in his own words, so that everybody could practice and enjoy familiar and new forms, such as Lohan Qigong, Da Wu Qigong, Beijing 24 and Traditional Yang 108. He also refined and explained some movements, so that we all got an opportunity to learn from the Master.

It was an enjoyable session to focus entirely on Tai Chi and Qigong movements, breathing in fresh morning air and listening to the chirping of the local birds. I definitely felt refreshed and relaxed after the session. I look forward to joining in again next year.

Belinda Leong
Senior Instructor, Doncaster East Evening and Kew Centres

Updated: 12 June 2019