2023 April Qigong Master Class

On Saturday 1st April 2023, I attended the Qigong Masterclass with Master Chin Min at the Ashburton Primary School. We started with the Dawu Qigong which is based on simple dance movements of ancient times, practiced for health and wellness purposes. It involves slow, gentle movements that are designated to improve circulation, reduce stress and promote relaxation, which we all need in our busy lives. These movements were very easy to follow.

After a short break, including some refreshing ginger tea we learnt the Mawang Dui Health Qigong which is based on the Daoyin Tu (Daoyin Chart) unearthed from the Han dynasty tomb at the Mawangdui site, China in 1973. The Mawang Dui Qigong form consists of an initial stance followed by 12 postures with movements and then an ending stance. Master Chin Min went through each movement in detail. These were also simple stretching movements that can help the body so much.

A handout was given of all the steps of both forms which will be a great reference for remembering the moves. The workshop finished with Master Chin Min demonstrating the Dawu Qigong. We were lucky enough to be able to film this which will help as I try to commit this to memory!!

Overall it was a great opportunity to learn from Master Chin Min and experience the benefits of these ancient practices. I thoroughly recommend that you set aside the time for the next workshop with Grand Master Eng Chor on Saturday 12 August at Box Hill. I left feeling relaxed and invigorated, I cannot wait for the next one!

Kerrie Wilson
Assistant Instructor Armadale

Updated: 18 April 2023