Grand Master Eng Chor Khor promotion

The Celestial Tai Chi College is please to announce that our co-founder Eng Chor Khor has been granted the title of “Grand Master of Tai Chi Chuan” by the International Martial Art Games Committee (IMGC).

In his citation, Grand Master Jong Jae Hun, the President of the IMGC writes: “You, as a Master of Tai Chi Chuan, have devoted yourself to pioneering the Chinese Martial Art history in Australia and also to cultivating the Human Value; Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love and Non-violence among the numerous martial artists through the decades of years of education in your country and overseas."

"Your great achievement in the field of martial art has contributed to the building of the harmonious and peaceful world and made you officially recognized and highly respected from the International Sports and Martial Art Society as the leader of Chinese Martial Art in Australia."

"I am pleased to inform you that the International Martial Art Games Committee has decided to grant the title “Grand Master of Tai Chi Chuan” to you, Master of Chinese Martial Art and President of the Australian National Martial Art Games Committee.”

Grand Master Eng Chor was presented with his citation by the IMGC representative, Mr Danny Kordanovski, on 8 December, 2007 at the College banquet.