Age no Barrier to Practicing Tai Chi

Edna Neubecker turned 99 last July, and is now in her 100th year.
The first time she did Tai Chi was during a trip to China on a Shanghai street in 1983.  She remembers a group of ladies being instructed by another wearing white gloves.  The exercise looked beautiful so she and her friend joined in and enjoyed the session.  In the park off the street they noticed different groups of men  performing with swords and sticks and other weapons, and also various styles of Tai Chi and other martial arts.

When they arrived back in Australia, Edna and her friend started Tai Chi and it is only the last few years that Edna has had to sit down in class.
Around her 99th Birthday 3AW (who she often talks to in the late evening) presented her with a gift, and asked her what has been her secret to longevity. To which she answered that her doctor has always told her to keep doing Tai Chi.

Edna has been in Yvonne’s Hawthorn community class and has said she is always so proud in claiming to be a student of the Celestial Tai Chi College.

Yvonne Schmidt, Instructor