Lawn Bowls and Tai Chi go hand in hand

Late last year I missed a few of my Friday Tai Chi sessions as I was participating in Bowls Victoria Over 60 Singles State Title. To qualify for this title you first have to win your Group/Region. The state is divided into 16 Group/Regions of which there are up to 35 clubs in each. Any club member over the age of 60 can enter the state singles event. The 16 group/region winners then play off over two days to find the state title winner. I was fortunate enough to win my group, the Yarra region. During the playoff over the two days I made it through to the final losing to a better bowler on the day. I was extremely pleased with my effort which resulted in a silver medal for runner up in a State Bowls Title!

I attribute a huge amount of my success to practising Tai Chi. The skills re-enforced with Tai Chi include balance, visualisation, coordination, focusing and calmness that are all so important in the sport of Lawn Bowls. As part of my preparation before any game of bowls, I complete the 6 levels of Celestial Tai Chi form. I cannot speak highly enough of the benefits I gain from doing Tai Chi that help me perform so well at Lawn Bowls.

Terry Bain
Tai Chi Student, Eltham Centre

Updated: 6 September 2018