Mario’s Morning Tai Chi in Box Hill

If you ever happen to walk through Box Hill shopping precinct on a Tuesday at 8am, you will come across a group of happy and energetic tai chi practitioners of all ages, but mainly young elderly and middle-aged people who never miss their free tai chi class. There are others too, those busy workers who stop for a breathing and stretching exercise on their way to work, because they love to start their day with vigour and a smile. The exercise routine usually includes Yang style tai chi, Beijing 24 and 42 and qigong, the beautiful Lohan Qigong in particular.

For a long time now, most of this devoted group of tai chi learners has been practising with “Master Mario”, a term of endearment they gave him, which, he says, “makes him feel young!” It all started when our late Senior Instructor Tony Donnoli decided to do something special for the local community with Senior Instructor Mario Cianci, over six years ago. Their initial idea turned into a wonderful class, a genuine commitment, every Tuesday morning at 8am in Centro, upstairs in front of the food court.

These days Mario has assistance from Instructor Bruce Ellis, who is equally dedicated to running free classes for up to, sometimes, 30 grateful and passionate learners, classes that always finish with a cheerful clap of hands and a cuppa. The keenest amongst them then join our Doncaster, Box Hill and other tai chi centres.

Snezana Dabic, Senior Instructor