Tai Chi and Ballroom Dancing

Since 2001, my Monday mornings have been spent at the Box Hill Centre with Senior Instructor Beng Yan, learning Yang Style Tai Chi Levels 1 to 6, Fan, Sword, Flute, Beijing 24 and 42 and any other delight she has to offer. My fitness, balance and wellbeing have been the beneficiaries and, at 60, I believe Tai Chi has helped me to keep me very fit for my age.

About three years ago, my husband and I decided to pursue a long-held passion - ballroom dancing. One form of ballroom dancing that was developed in Australia is called "New Vogue". You may know it as "Old Time", however "New Vogue" is highly stylised and involves much use of the dancers arms and hands.

I discovered that my efforts to emulate Beng Yan's beautiful arm and hand movements transferred seamlessly into my "New Vogue" dancing. In fact, "New Vogue" has turned out to be my strongest discipline of ballroom dancing that also includes Modern and Latin.

I have achieved Bronze medal level in Latin and Silver Medal level in Modern and "New Vogue".

Thus, even at first there seemed to be no apparent connection between Tai Chi and ballroom dancing, I have become aware of it through my passion for both.

Helen Walker
Box Hill morning class