Take Tai Chi with you wherever you go!

We all know the benefits of Tai Chi, and that practice makes (almost) perfect. So, it’s great that we can take Tai Chi with us when we go on holidays or business trips. I have practised Tai Chi in many different places, and I find it really keeps me centred. There’s nothing like getting into the Tai Chi zone to relax and unwind, or to get you going for the day.

Some of the places where I have practised Tai Chi include:

  • The Grampians
    Every morning around 7.30am I did the Lotus and Levels 1 - 6 on the expansive front lawn of the motel we were staying in, watched by kangaroos and wallabies, kookaburras and even the odd wombat. The owner of the motel noticed what I was doing and told me about a group of people who met every morning at 7.00am for Tai Chi, so I joined them for a few days.
    One day I went out by myself to the edge of a rocky outcrop and practised my Tai Chi, looking out at the world! The scenery was amazing and it felt like I could see beyond the end of the world.
  • The Himalayas in Nepal
    I was very fortunate to trek through the Himalayas with my daughter-in-law, brother-in-law and six other people in 2017 for nine days. What an incredible experience! I must admit, I could have done without the altitude sickness, but apart from that, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. There’s nothing like standing practically on the top of the world outside a Nepalese guest house, with clouds swirling around you, doing Tai Chi.
  • The middle of the Atlantic Ocean
    In 2019 my husband and I sailed on the Queen Mary II from New York to London. Such an amazing ship! So many corridors and rooms to practise Tai Chi. Wouldn’t that be a great career - running Tai Chi classes on a ship!
  • Versailles
    From London we went to Paris and spent a day at the Palace of Versailles. We walked eight and a half hours that day and I did Lohan Qigong in the most superbly arranged gardens you could imagine.

So, don’t think that you have to forgo your Tai Chi just because you’re away from home. It’s extremely mobile, and multicultural!

Jo Fraser
Instructor, Camberwell

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Updated 15 April 2021